Sunday, May 22, 2016

Maternity Church Outfit Post // Black and Blue Midi Skirt

Hey y'all!  My life has been full of potty training, gardening, kissing boo-boo's, and drinking hot honey vanilla chamomile tea (has truly become a staple for me during this pregnancy).  I haven't posted very many outfit posts lately quite honestly because what I've been wearing mostly just hasn't seemed very blog worthy.  Maternity clothes for church are not very easy to find in stores right now unless you want to wear very bright colors like orange or giant stripes.  I would LOVE to make a nice DIY maternity dress and hope to soon!  Maybe it will happen. :-)

This skirt is actually not a maternity skirt (click here to see an older post on how I styled it for non-pregnancy), but works amazingly for one because it is soft and stretchy and can be worn low under the belly so it doesn't feel restricting.  I've found a lot of stretchy maxi skirts to be the same way.  I love it when I can re-purpose my clothes to work both ways and not have to spend more money on maternity clothes!

This is what I wore on Mother's Day and it proved to be great for functionality with a toddler, comfortable for pregnancy, and nice enough to wear to church.  Click here to read a letter of encouragement for all of you moms of little ones.
 This messy bun hairstyle (click here to see a hair tutorial for this
topknot style) has seriously become my go-to hairdo right now.  It works for the heat of the day, keeps your hair out of your way, and looks kinda classy too which is always a plus.

// outfit details \\
Shirt: Given to me
Tank: Walmart (not maternity, just big and stretchy)
Skirt: Walmart
Flip-flops: Walmart
Bracelet: Special gift from Jesse on
our vacation to Gulf Shores beach

What has been your go-to outfit and/or hairstyle?
Do any of y'all have creative maternity outfit ideas?

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