Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Medieval Celtic Braid Crown Hair Tutorial

Hey y'all! It's hair tutorial time again!  Due to the extreme popularity of the medieval braid wrapped braid hair tutorial (seen below) that I did last year, I decided it about was time try a new elvish hairstyle along the same lines. 

How to:
For this one, start by braiding a little braid
on each side of your head

and fasten them together while
you work on the next step.
(left just like this is pretty too)

Next, starting a little further down from the braid, make a small two-strand rope.
To do this, take two strands of hair, twist the right one to the right and cross it over the left.
Then take the right one (which was the left), twist it to the right, and cross it over the left.
Repeat all the way down.  Make another one on the other side of your head.

 Fasten them together with the braids.
Take a small strand of hair and wrap the elastic band with it and tuck it in the band
underneath where you won't see it.  This is a cool trick to hide an elastic band
and makes things look more awesome.

Hope that makes sense! :-)

What are some of your favorite Celtic or medieval hairstyles?
Are there any hairdo's that y'all would like for me to make a tutorial on?

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