Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beauty Tip // DIY Honey Hair Moisturizer also a Natural Hair Lightener

 I had known about this forever, but just finally got around to doing it and am very glad I tried it (the before picture was taken right after taking my hair out of a braid; that's why its not as straight).  I was so amazed as to how healthy it made my hair feel!
 All you do is combine equal amounts of honey (I used the honey
from our beehives) and your favorite conditioner

 and mix together thoroughly.

 While your hair is damp, completely run the mixture all through it.  You can leave it in, cover your hair with a plastic bag, and sleep in it over night (supposedly it is more effective that way), but I just did it in the shower and then shampooed and conditioned hair as usual.  The is a very healthy way to strengthen and moisturize your hair and also will bring the life back into your hair.  It may also subtly lighten your hair as well, as it did mine, making the natural blonde highlights more obvious.

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  1. Your hair looks so healthy and beautiful!! How many times did you do the hair treatment before it brought out your natural blonde highlights?


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