Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outfit Post / / Striped Shirt w/pockets and Jeans

   Hey ya'll!  I know there is a great conflict on whether or not to wear pants, well I'm not going to go into great detail (maybe I might later on ;)), but personally I wear pants a lot; mostly because they are comfortable and practical in many cases.  I do however think that they can and should (like everything else) be worn modestly.  Everybody has there own personal "rules, guidelines, and restrictions" as to what they think is modest for themselves, but, as I've said before, modesty is really a heart issue.  I want to show here from a day to day practical lifestyle, the ways that I (with my husband's full input) try to dress modestly for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

   I found this awesome shirt at the thrift store the other day that is super comfortable.  It has a high, yoked style neckline that stays in place nicely when bending down to pick up something off the floor (always something to keep in mind), short capped sleeves, and best of all it has pockets!  I wouldn't have normally chosen a striped shirt like this, but made an exception this time and am soooooo glad that I did.  Also, I love that it is long enough to wear with tighter jeans and keep 'em decent ;).

 // outfit details //
Shirt: Thrift Store, $2
Pants: Walmart, $9
Shoes: Walmart, $3

I did a waterfall braid for my hairstyle.

I hope this kinda gave ya'll a good idea of how to wear jeans modestly.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Do you wear pants much and how have you found to keep 'em modest?
I'd love to hear from ya'll! :)

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