Thursday, October 16, 2014

Country Style Outfit / / Blue Plaid Farm Shirt

   Well the other day some friends of ours called needing our help stripping sorghum cane, which you can read more about on or farm blog  Anyway it was a dirty job with all the wet plants and this practical farm outfit is what I wore.  It's finally fall, yipeeeee! (my favorite time of year)  I was so excited that it was finally chilly enough to get out this shirt.  It is a very comfortable, Carhartt farm shirt and I LOVE it!
   I paired it with some of my of dirty work jeans, a light blue t-shirt that blended with the blue of the plaid shirt, and did my hair in a french fishtail braid (sometimes called a french herringbone braid).
 And last, but not least, the absolute best part of this outfit is without a doubt my waterproof, John Deere, work boots.  I don't know what I ever did without 'em!  They are the most comfortable, functional, work shoes that I've ever owned and they've lasted so long.  Good comfortable work boots are a definite must for any country farm girl's wardrobe ;).  They also add a small touch of camo to any outfit which is always nice.
Another great thing about work shirts is that you can use them to tie around your waist and make tight jeans more modest.  I hope this was a helpful down to earth post to help make work clothes modest, but also practical and comfortable for getting dirty jobs done around the farm.  What do y'all wear for dirty outdoor work?

// outfit details //
Farm Shirt: Hardware Store
T-shirt: Souvenir
Jeans: Walmart
Work Boots: Local Work & Western Boot/Shoe Store 

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