Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sock Bun (no heat) Curls // Hair Tutorial

 Here is an AWESOME way to get gorgeous curls without damaging your hair with heat!

 This is a very easy, cheap, and effective way to get these beautiful curls!

First just cut the toe out of a sock

and roll it up.

 While hair is still damp, put it up into a high ponytail.
Then send all hair through the suck bun and roll it all down onto
your head evenly.

 Sleep in it overnight (it is surprisingly comfortable).

 You can even wear it just like that in a bun too. :)

 Take it down in the morning and that's it!

Beautiful curls!!!

(tip: if your hair is super thick and doesn't really
hold a curl, you can half your hair and put it up in two sock buns!)

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