Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Outfit Post / / Nursing Friendly Maxi Dress

 Hey y'all!  Finding dresses that are nursing friendly (and in my budget) has proven to be very difficult.  So, here is an idea that I came up with that worked great!  The colors and pattern are a little wilder than I would normally chose, but I decided to try it out anyway, Jesse approved (getting your husband's opinion (if married) is very important), and I surprisingly really liked it.
 It can be dressed up or down quite easily by changing jewelry (I used another necklace from a returns' pallet for our online business Wright Resale), hairstyles, and shoes.

This is a two piece outfit (which is how it works for nursing).  I found this top and a thrift store years ago and just decided to keep it around, but never had a way to wear it until I had the idea to pair it with my new maxi dress.
// outfit details //
Maxi Dress: Walmart
Top: Thrift Store
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Returns' Pallet

How have y'all made dresses nursing friendly or do any of you know where to find them at good prices?  I'd love to hear from y'all!  I hope this post was helpful for any of you nursing mothers that need ideas on full length dresses.

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