Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Prayer Request

We would like to ask everyone for your prayers for physical and emotional healing. We have had a miscarriage and faithfully look to the Lord to give us comfort and use our family to His glory as we praise Him in this time of trouble.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Fourth Of July" Outfit Post // Red, White, and Blue

Hey y'all!  I apologize for it having been a while since I posted here.  We've been going through a lot lately, I'll post more about that real soon.  Anyway, did y'all have a good weekend?  I know we had a wonderful time.  Here are some pictures of what I wore on the 4th of July.  Sorry, for the pictures being so dark, but we took them on the porch since it was raining.

I tried to wear something red, white, and blue, but couldn't find anything red in my closet at all.  So I just cut this little strip of red, gingham fabric and tied it in my hair.

// outfit details //
Undershirt: Belk
Shirt: Walmart
"Capris" (actually just jeans
with the legs folded up): Walmart

Also, we made this really cute shirt for Gavin!
Go check out our farm blog to see more about it click here.

What did y'all do this 4th of July?
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