Monday, May 23, 2016

Gavin's Favorite Children's Books // Importance of Reading at a Young Age

Ever since Gavin was first born, reading together has been one of our favorite and most special times.  He loves to listen to the words, look at the pictures, and learn.  We read some throughout the day, but always read a couple of bedtime stories before going to sleep.  It is a good way to calm down for bed and a special one on one time with mommy. :-)

I don't just want to read to him, I also want to make sure that what I read him is teaching good things.  In looking for new books, I've been kinda disappointed at what is out there for children's books and am constantly on the lookout for more good quality children's reading material.  There are a few good books though that we've have really enjoyed.  If any of y'all know of some good children's book, please list them in the comments below!  I would love to get some new ones for Gavin! :-)

I've made a list here of some of his and my favorite books that we have acquired:

One of my very favorite books that we have
is the "Light My World" Thomas Kinkade series that Jesse's mom gave us!
They are so beautiful, the rhymes flow well, and they teach good things.

For example in the book Colors:
"For warm lazy summers
and flowers that glow,
for dancing sunlight,
God made yellow."

Here's an example from Numbers:
"Let's count God's blessings,
let's have some fun.
what's the first?
It's number 1."

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

Okay, this one is by far Gavin's very favorite book!  He loves it and if you ask him which book he wants to read, it is always this one. A lady at church gave it to him for Christmas and it has been read over and over since. :-)  It is a nice poetic story about a dump truck
that learns the value of helping one another.

Thank You God by Kathleen Long Bostrom

This is a sweet book about learning to be thankful.
The illustrations are very innocent and beautiful as well.

Here is an example of the words:
"God made land
and God made seas,
God made flowers, plants and trees.
Thank you God for making these.
Thank you God. Amen."

A little boy favorite about a fire truck.

This book and the one below are from my childhood
and Gavin enjoys them too.

These two are very bright and colorful picture books of real animals
and trucks to help relate the object with the word for helping learn to read.

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I realize this is not a little toddler book, but something we have tried to incorporate as a family is Jesse sitting down and reading to the kids in the evenings (instead of television).  Gavin really enjoys hearing his daddy read this story.  He likes that it has bears in it!:-)  And I like hearing again all about their pioneer lifestyle from a little four year old's perspective. We don't read much at a time due to his 2 year old attention span, but it is good practice for learning to sit quietly and listen for longer and longer periods of time without just looking at brightly colored pictures.  Plus some of my favorite memories of being a child was when my daddy would read us a good, interesting story.  It is something that we want to do with our children and Gavin always looks forward to it eagerly!

Well this is my list so far!
What children's books do y'all recommend?


  1. We love the bright baby books too!

    1. Yes! They'really so colorful and exciting.I also like how they are real pictures of real things. Thanks for stopping by!

      -Alice Wright


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