Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Gender Reveal Party

Hey y'all! Last Sunday we found out whether our baby is a boy or girl.  My sweet 12 yr. old, sister-in-law, Charlene has been excited about hosting a "gender reveal" party for us since the moment we told her we were expecting again!  She went all out and it was very sweet of her. :-)

 Jesse and I went to the doctor and got to see the ultrasound of our precious, little one wiggling around!  Made my heart squeal with joy at watching our darling baby squirming and playing with its fingers.
 It kept its little hands up over its face during most of the ultrasound, but we did get a couple of good face pictures. :-)
Since Charlene was REALLY wanting to do this party, we had the nurse put the "gender related" pictures in a sealed envelope and handed those to Charlene so that she could plan the surprise. We went to the doctor on Thursday, so for me, Sunday couldn't get here fast enough!

A picture of the beautiful, creative hostess!

 She had everyone pick a paper to pin on that said "Buck" or "Doe" for whichever one they thought it was going to be.  This turned out to be a pretty fun and funny idea for everybody. :-) {By the way, Jesse and I both picked boy}
 For food there was spaghetti and garlic bread as the main meal, and also chicken salad croissants, stuffed celery sticks, chips and dip, fresh strawberries, delicious Pineapple ice cream punch, sweet tea (decaf so I could actually drink some! Since I am pregnant lol), and Charlene worked hard on making a camouflaged cake that said "Buck or Doe" on top.

Finally, for the actual revealing, Gavin popped a balloon with the specific colored confetti inside!
Aaaaand.....IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!
Below is the video:
A video posted by Jesse and Alice Wright (@wright_at_home) on

(This was my first try at embedding a video using the HTML code so if you're having problems getting it to work here is the link to our Instagram so you can watch there:
It's a BOY! Instagram video by wright_at_home

 Two very excited parents!

Gavin is gonna have a little brother!

I am so excited to meet our new little boy!
I am completely out numbered by boys around here. Lol

"For this child I prayed;" -1 Samuel 1:27a

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