Friday, March 6, 2015

Hair Tutorial // Twisted Ponytail

 Hey y'all!  It is finally starting to feel like spring around here.  Yipeeee!  The birds are all singing prettily this morning, flowers are staring to bloom, and I'm all exited about getting into my garden again.  With spring in mind, I was messing around with some cute ways to dress up a ponytail and add a flower to the hairstyle.  Here is the twisted ponytail hairstyle that I tried on Gina last night and it turned out so cute! :-)

First take a small strand of hair from the right side of your head and
 twist it down towards the floor (the direction you twist it is very important).

 Now, pick up another small strand of hair and twist it down towards the floor too.

 Cross the second strand over the first as pictured above.

 Next, you're going to pick up another small strand of hair and add it to the first strand (that is now on the bottom).

 Twist them together down, towards the floor.
Continue adding and twisting the hair all the way down on this side of your head.
 Pin all of this out of the way (or if you're doing it on someone else's head, just have them hold it)

 Repeat the same thing on the left side of your head.  Twist all the the hair on this side right, down, and towards the floor.

 Fasten it all off with just an elastic band, or add a flower, or some
other kind of decorative hair accessory.

Tadaa!  A cute, dressed-up ponytail for early spring. ;-)

How do y'all dress-up a ponytail?
What ways do y'all incorporate flower accessories in your hairstyles?

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