Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Outfit Post / / Purple Hooded Shirt

 Hey y'all!  I hope your all having a great Christmas week.  Mine has been fantastic.  I thought I'd just post real quick an outfit that I wore the other day while out in town, Christmas shopping with my mother.  She got this cozy, purple, hooded shirt for me form Tractor Supply and Co., and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  It was one of those brisk and slightly wet kind of winter days, so the hood came in handy.
 I like the comfy feel this outfit had all day with the pockets on the front of the shirt to keep my hands warm and wool socks in my the fuzzy, brown, boots for my feet.  Also, Jesse took all of these pictures with our new camera that he wrapped as an early Christmas present!  Which, as you can tell, I'm extremely excited about!  (Sorry about the dates and all on the bottom of the pictures; I forget to take them off :/.)  One of the great things about this shirt is that it is long, and even longer in the back, keeping overly, form-fitted jeans more covered and modest.  I tend to wear pants more when it's cold or windy out and they work well for crawling around on the floor after my little, seven-month-old son too; whose is now starting to crawl all over the place :).
 Winter boots are one of the most wonderful additions to any wardrobe, since you can wear them with so many different styles.  You can change your whole outfit just by wearing your jeans over them, in them, with boot cuffs, wearing them with a long skirt, or medium skirt and leggings, etc.  I like it when my toes are warm, so in the winter I wear wool socks a lot, especially when I'm going to be outside for a long time.

//outfit details//
T-shirt: Souvenir
Hooded Shirt: Tractor Supply Co.
Jeans: Belk
Wool Socks: Amazon
Boots: Walmart 

How have y'all been wearing boots?  Hope your Christmas week is marvelous and thank you so very much stopping by!

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