Sunday, December 14, 2014

Country (Work) Outfit / / Helping Run The Sawmill

Hey y'all!  I haven't made an outfit post lately and the main reason for that is mostly because we've been working so much that most of my outfits haven't been very blog worthy or at least fashionable, but I decided this time to just go ahead and keep it real with all the sawdust, dirt, messy toboggan hair, and all :).  Since a lot of life (at least on the farm for a country girl) isn't all lace, ruffles, and pearls, I am going to go ahead and show y'all my general, winter, work attire for tough jobs.  This week, my husband Jesse and I have been doing a lot of sawmill jobs which you can read more about on our farm blog

  Although I do like to dress pretty in skirts and dresses, a lot of times the practical truth is that some jobs can be a little too dangerous and sometimes more immodest in a skirt than in some good, sturdy work jeans/pants.  It was a cold and windy day when we we're sawing, so I had on a lot of layers (which I do a lot) including my absolute favorite coat ever!
I got these women's deerskin work gloves from one of the returns pallets that we got for our online resale business, Wright Resale (which is 20% off everything right now by the way store-wide til Christmas!), but you can also find them on Amazon and they are definitely a must when it comes to hard, outdoor jobs and chores, as well as some good ,work boots like my waterproof, John Deere brand ones pictured below (which I completely love!).  I also highly recommend having a nice, brown, canvas jacket in your wardrobe, because they just work so well with everything from working outside to even pairing with nicer and dressier clothing, since the darker, plain color adds so well to most any outfit and hardly ever clashes with the colors of any clothes.

// outfit details //
T-shirt: Souvenir
Sweatshirt: Borrowed from Jesse
Jeans: Walmart
Leggings: Belk
Coat: Tractor Supply Co.
Boots: Local Boot Store, but you can also find on
for a pretty good price on Amazon
Gloves: Amazon
Toboggan: Also Jesse's, as well as the
earplugs for hearing protection

Do any of y'all do a lot of hard, outdoor work?  What do y'all wear as work clothes? 
If you can, please take the time to leave me a comment below; I'd love to hear from and
get to know y'all :)!  Thank you so much for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas!

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