Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Repurposing Too Little Jeans to Skirt

Before and After

   While I was cleaning out my closets the other day, I found this pair of old work jeans that were too small and had tapered legs (which are not flattering on me at all).  So I decided to refashion them into a comfy, sturdy skirt for around the farm and such (since the jeans already had some paint on them) after finding a few scraps of denim material in all of my sewing supplies.

   I had taken a bunch of pictures on how the whole process worked from start to finish, but somehow they accidentally got deleted, sorry :(.  I hope though that maybe you can see from these how I did it.

   For the center on the front, I sewed strips of lighter denim randomly across the triangle before attaching it to the jeans' legs.  On the back though, I just simply attached the triangle to the jeans.
I love refashioning clothes and one great thing about turning jeans into a skirt is that the waist band is already perfect!  (and most of the hemming is already done which are two of my worst pieces to work as a seamstress).
It turned out so great and I absolutely love the way that it fits :).  Originally the pants were only $.98 from the thrift store, so that makes it even more awesome to have a brand new skirt with little to no cost in it, and it's always so much fun to wear something knowing that you made it yourself!

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