Monday, September 22, 2014

Braided Headband Ponytail / / Hair Tutorial

Hey y'all!  I'm so excited 'cause this is my first hair tutorial to post.  My sister-in-law Gina and I went ice skating today and later in the afternoon rode our bikes for a while.  So I needed an active kind of hairdo that would keep my hair out of the way, but was still fun!  I know fall is here (wahoo!) and the heat of summer is almost over, but being in Alabama, we will still have a few more reasons to get our hair off our necks.  I used this "braided headband ponytail" a lot this summer.  It is an especially great style, since it is also a natural hair headband and keeps every little hair out of your face (awesome for riding with the truck windows down).

 First, you flip your hair to one side (I did it towards the right of my head).

 This style is just a twist on a regular french braid.  First, starting at your
ear, collect three strands of hair to get the braid started. 
 Begin french braiding the piece, but only add hair from the front of your face.

 Braid across the top of your head and down to the other ear.
Next keep braiding it, but don't add any more hair at that point.
 Secure braid with elastic band as shown here.
(Please pardon all of my strange facial expressions)
Next pull it all up into a high ponytail

 Secure it all up with an elastic band and remove the
rest of the braid that was still in the ponytail.
And voila! your done :).

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