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10 Tips For Feeling Great During Pregnancy

Hey y'all!  I'm now 35 weeks pregnant with our second little boy, William Garrett Wright!  I had my last doctor's appointment on Tuesday and we are so blessed to have a very, healthy pregnancy so far for both me and baby Garrett!  Pregnancy doesn't have to be a miserably, uncomfortable nine months.  This is my third time to be pregnant (we had a miscarriage last summer) and I actually Enjoy being pregnant!  Yes your body is going through a lot right now and some amount of nausea, lack of energy, and crazy emotions are inevitable, but if you take the time to take care of yourself then this beautiful time of your life can be filled with joy, fun, and the exciting anticipation of meeting your new little one!
Here are some of the things that have helped me literally feel great while pregnant!

1. Drink Water
Stay Hydrated!  Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to help yourself feel better while pregnant.  Water helps your body transport nutrients, remove waste, regulate your body temperature can also help you think more clearly and keep your skin tighter and more vibrant.  While pregnant you should be trying to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (64 fluid ounces) plus an additional 8 ounce glass for any time you're physically active or even when you sweat a whole lot due to the HOT summer heat.

2. Go To Bed
Your body needs rest!  Especially during my first trimester and again now during the third, I felt so tired during the day and had a lack of energy.  But I've found that if I stick to a strict sleep schedule, go to bed on time, the same time, every night and wake up the same time every morning (even if that means going to bed early to feel rested enough), then I can tell 100% of a difference in my attitude and productivity throughout the day!  Resist the urge to stay up late, sleep in late, and have randomly different hours of sleep every night (7 hrs this night, 10 this night, 9 the next, etc.).  It's so tempting for me to work late at night when it's quiet and my 2 year old is asleep, but it only ever makes me feel more tired and useless the next day (click here to see a post on my schedule).  There may be something to that old saying "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" after all.  Decide how much rest you need, what time you have to go to bed to achieve it, and stick to it!  This will look different for everyone, but make your plan and make it happen!  This is probably one of the MOST effective thing I've done to feel great while pregnant. :-)

3. Read Bible/Have Devotions
Spend quality time with the Lord in prayer, reading and memorizing His Word.  Take the time to have good devotions with God.  I try to have my devotions first thing in the morning to give me something wonderful to think on for the rest of the day.  The Lord can give you strength to keep going, even when all else fails, God loves you more than anyone else possibly can and He truly understands your needs and struggles better than anybody.  You are about to have a small child in your arms to raise, nurture, and care for.  Read good books on raising children.  Seek His guidance as you start this huge responsibility of motherhood!

4. Take a Walk Outside
Walking is one of the greatest things you can do while pregnant.  Just getting moving (even and especially when you're feeling sluggish) will do wonders for your energy level!  Better yet take walks outside and enjoy some wonderful fresh air and sunshine too!

5. Stretch/Exercise
Look up some good prenatal stretches and exercises to add to your daily routine.  They can help get rid of back and hip pain, help with breathing and swelling during the third trimester, and strengthen your body for an easier delivery, all while giving you more energy and getting your body healthier!

6. Eat Healthy Foods
It seems kinda obvious, but eat healthy foods and snacks that fill your body with good nutrients and avoid the junk foods.  Here are a list of some extra nutritious, super, power foods to include in your pregnancy diet:
Berries - fiber & antioxidants
Avocados - folic acid & potassium
Yogurt (not the sugar-filled, artificially flavored stuff) - calcium & probiotics
Eggs - iron, protein, vitamin A
Sweet Potatoes - vitamins A & E
Beans and Lentils - protein, magnesium, zinc, fiber, iron, & folate
Kale and Spinach - calcium, vitamin A, folic acid, and fiber
Oranges - vitamin C
Bananas - vitamin B6
Almonds - calcium & vitamin E
Salmon - omega 3
Broccoli - protein & calcium

8. Swim
This is one of my favorites!  Especially right now since I'm pregnant during summer. ;-)  This is a great way of exercising.  Floating relieves the heavy belly weight off your back, and keeps you cool through the intense summer heat!  Also, if you've got older kids, this is great fun for them too and a special playtime with mommy. :-)

9. Get Dressed
Simple as it sounds, it truly helps.  Even when you don't feel like it and aren't going to leave the house, go ahead and get dressed cute, brush your hair, wash your face, and do whatever it takes for you to feel pretty, fresh, inspired, and prepared for the day.

10. Take Naps When You Can
Difficult to do with an older toddler in the house too, but your body could use the extra rest.  Now that I'm in my third trimester and getting closer to baby go-time, I try to go ahead and nap when Gavin does (instead of working on big, unfinished projects which is very tempting during this quiet-time) which helps to re-energize me and I wake up with more patience to be a good mom to Gavin.  There's no need for me to be stressed out, tired, cranky and no fun for him just because I'm pregnant and tired!  It's not an excuse; pregnancy is a blessing!  Be intentional!

11. Go On Date Nights With Your Husband
And lastly, my FAVORITE!!!  Take time alone with your husband!  Just the two of you!  Go on dates! You both seriously need this time to talk, laugh, plan and grow in your marriage.  You don't have to do anything expensive or exhausting, just set aside a specific time for just the two of you and get creative!  It's totally worth it!!! :-)

I hope this list was helpful and encouraging for some of you pregnant moms out there. :-)

And for you more experienced mothers, what are some
of ya'll's ways of feeling great and having energy during pregnancy?

I would seriously LOVE to hear your advice!

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