Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Maternity Outfit // Gray Striped Maxi Skirt & Navy Blue

Hey y'all!  As I'm quickly approaching the 3rd trimester, maxi skirts have become a staple for me.  They are just so versatile!  You can wear them stylishly above your baby bump and tuck in your blouse, or comfortably under the bump, like I did here for church last Sunday, which also kinda holds up your heavy belly a bit and feels good on your back!  All of the maxis that I've been wearing throughout this entire pregnancy are actually non-maternity skirts, but because the material is so loose and stretchy they work great.  It's always a plus for me when I can make my normal clothes work without having to buy any new clothes! :-)

The greatest part about this outfit is that the entire thing cost less than $10!!!  As a young pregnant mom on a tight budget, that is a WIN!  I would encourage all of you pregnant moms to search your local "returns" stores for maternity clothes before spending full price on them new.  We have a store near us, where I got this shirt and skirt, that sell new clothing that people returned, were overstock, etc. and the prices are marked waaaaay down for the same clothes you would pay full price for at the mall for example!  It definitely pays off to take your time and find the best deals!
My sister-in-love, Chelsey gave these
sandals to me and I like them very much!  They go with basically
everything and give the outfit a classy look.

// outfit details//
Shirt: Bargain Hunt (for only $2)
Skirt: Bargain Hunt (for only $7)
Sandals: Given to me

Do y'all have any favorite places to buy discount maternity clothing?
What has been your favorite church outfits to wear this summer?

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