Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day Craft // Hand-print Sign From 2 Year Old

Hey ya'll!  This adorable, little, hand-print sign is Part 2 (see Part 1 a Father's Day card) of Gavin's Father's Day gift to Jesse this year.  I just LOVE the way that it turned out (besides the obvious thumb problem with the hand-print :-/ , but oh well.  It's still super cute!).  The precious rhyme paired with his darling hand is such a great gift and will end up as a keepsake for years to come I'm sure.

What You'll Need:
White construction paper
Green (or whichever color you'd prefer) finger paint
A scrap piece of wood (never very hard for us to come up with since we run a sawmill and are building our house)
A good black marker (or calligraphy pen if your good at that!)
Hot glue
A prepared craft area ready for  paint + toddler = MESS! :-) Have Fun!!!
...And one adorable 2-year-old's hand!

How To Make It:
1. Cut out the paper to fit the size that you want it to be on your board
2. Make the hand-print on the paper
3. Have fun using the rest of the paint with your toddler on other projects or just have fun with it while the hand-print is drying
4. Write the rhyme, child's name, and date
5. Neatly glue the paper to the board on the edges
6. Wrap and glue the decorative twine

Have Fun! :-)

What Father's Day crafts have y'all made?
Do you have any other special "hand-print" craft ideas?

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